22 de junio | 2015

To celebrate International Sex Workers Day in Panama City, a group of sex workers staged "The Voice of Orchids", a play that recounts the daily stories of sex workers.

Por: Bernabé Ruíz Águila

1 de abril | 2015

At the 33rd meeting of the Board of the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria the Technical Review Panel (TRP) submitted its report with an analysis of the concept notes and regional proposals. The role of this mechanism has been widely criticised lately and is being scrutinised by the Fund.

Por: Javier Hourcade Bellocq

14 de enero | 2015

The Bolivian Ministry of Health disclosed during a press conference the HIV status of a Bolivian citizen, incurring in a violation of local legislation and international recommendations.

Por: Corresponsales Clave

13 de mayo | 2014

Once again a world celebration against homophobia and transphobia will take place on 17th May. We will rightly focus our analysis and show our disapproval of the recent events that have taken place in some countries in Africa and in Eastern Europe.

Por: Javier Hourcade Bellocq