1 de junio | 2016

By José Luis Maldonado Manzaneda. At the government palace on the morning of Saturday, 21 May, Bolivia enacted the Gender Identity Law which allows trans men and women in Bolivia to have their self-perceived gender identity legally recognized

Por: José Luis Maldonado Manzaneda

14 de diciembre | 2015

The sexual diversity community and activists for trans people’s rights celebrate the election of Tamara Adrián to the National Assembly of Venezuela.

Por: Carlos Araque

26 de junio | 2015

Defender of Trans rights and member of the Alejandría Collective, Francela Méndez Rodríguez, was murdered last week in El Salvador. Various organisations, activists and international bodies have condemned this crime and are calling for an investigation into this homicide.

Por: Corresponsales Clave